National Debt of Australia

$443+ billion
    • Interest per Year
    • Interest per Second
    • Population
    • Debt per Citizen
    • GDP
    • Debt as % of GDP
    • $13.9 billion
    • $443
    • 24.7 million
    • $17,933
    • $1.3 trillion
    • 32.46%

Australia Economy Statistics

    • GDP per capita
    • Inflation
    • GDP growth
    • Unemployment
    • Average Salary
  • 57,515.60

    • $55,253
    • 1.3%
    • 1.8%
    • 5.2%
    • $844.45 / 1,225.30 AUD a week

Australia’s Private Debt is $2.6 trillion

    • Household Debt
    • Business Debt
    • Mortgage Debt
    • Personal Debt
    • Credit Card Debt
    • $1.7 trillion
    • $850 billion
    • $1.57 trillion
    • $145 billion
    • $48.7 billion

Australia’s Economy Facts

  • The Australian economy has not been in a recession for the past 25 years
  • Australia’s credit rating is excellent: AAA from all three major ratings agencies
  • Australia’s economy is the world’s 12th-ranked
  • Mining boom is not dead, it stills contributes towards annual growth twice as much as finance & insurance sector
  • In 2013 & 2014 Australians were the world’s richest – every person was worth an average of $A258,000 – mostly thanks to the overpriced properties
  • Current cash rate is 1.5%

Top 5 Australia’s Export Partners

  1. China: 36.7%
  2. Japan: 18%
  3. Republic of Korea: 7.7%
  4. USA: 3.9%
  5. India: 3.1%

Top 5 Australia’s Import Partners

  1. China: 19.9%
  2. USA: 11.1%
  3. Japan: 7.3%
  4. Singapore: 5.2%
  5. Germany: 4.9%

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6 thoughts on “National Debt of Australia”

  1. what a great country we have/had .
    WE have Malcolm the Magnificent running it and with his cohort, Lady Bountiful tripping around the world giving away millions of borrowed money,helping the clock look like a rev counter on a rally car.

    And what do we have here in Australia ,600.000 children unable to have a proper schooling ,because the parents are unable to pay even for a simple trip or school uniform,BUT there is Lady Bountiful giveing a million or two to some mob in Singapore for modern Islamic dress, or to another million or 20 in the Philippines to stop Radical Islam from removing our heads,whilst here Farmers are in drought and debt trying to keep the farms going to feed Australians .
    The lot on the other side of the Politics are even worse should they get into the Lodge, recall their last fiasco when in power,YEP silly us are still paying that off .

    Just import a few thousand more unproductive Immigrants that live on the dole for umpteen years ,BUT do not allow SA farmers who would be working their rear ends off .
    As i said great country disapearing down the plug hole ,who was it OH Keating who said we should be or are a 3rd world country ,I will give you the recession you do not need ,another union drop kick who had never done more than a few month work in the workforce before getting the flick, an expert as they all are.
    definition of expert
    a drip under pressure

    bring back Tony and Peter and get the books in the black before we surpass many 3rd world countries for debt

    1. a liberal govt that represents multinationals, who wants murdoch to have a monopoly and to cut the independence of the ABC. You have./had barnaby joyce knowlingly allowing the live sheep trade with its cruelty, and giving water from the murray darling only to those who donated to national party. this is the worst govt and the worst opposition in australias history every value, decency has been diminished. These politicians are rorting the system through greed, they are selling us out to china, have give all our utilities to o/seas companies, so that ordinary australians pay for our own gas/electricity. exornotant prices as we are fleeced from these greedy profiteers. Thanksliberals. NOT FOR PRIVATISATION.. I think not. sold down the river.

  2. Australia’s debt problem is deliberate and working to their plan. Our politicians are just base, low life people doing what they are told by the world powers, United Nations etc. We vote whatever party in and nothing changes accept the debt gets higher. It started at Nil in 1913 tat only 105 years ago. Wake up Australia! Democracy is a sham! Just take note of the ever increasing Debt Clock figures. We are destroying and enslaving ourselves to Debt. Stagnating wages, government giving our money away to nations who were once our enemy, exporting our production and importing immigrants. A recipe for disaster!

  3. I agree with all you have said. I also can not comprehend how we stupidly get into so much debt. It doesn’t help when Governments spend money on wasteful things. I am a pensioner and between my husband and I we get $690 per week for the two of us. I have learned how to pull the belt in as much as I need to, and through shifting companies, dropping full comp to hit and bump, I save money. Probably 8 months of the year I try to put away $500 out of our pension and have 12 envelopes set up for each month to which I add what that outlay will be. I took all my bills and chose the highest ones I have ever had for all utilities, then divided it by 26 annual payments and that is what MUST go in to one envelope on any month. I am now 12 months ahead as there are 4 months I have nothing to pay. If I can do it on a pittance per fortnight, our Government should also be able to do it too.
    I am also very concerned about the Adani mine that could start at any time, too many people are leaving their employment and training for jobs in the mine, jobs that will not exist.
    I am also concerned for the mounting reliance we have on China, too much items are made in China, and its a hard press to locate Australian made. It will come back and bite us in the butt, when China has that much control and we default on payment, what will they do? Stop imports/exports, demand to be compensated by selling them a critical strategic base to just cancel the debt? Too much reliance on China.
    Australia is not what I remember it was, a once safe place to live and work, savings were encouraged, taxes were less, wages and bills seemed a lot more manageable and you had cash left over to enjoy life.
    I am glad I am at the tail end of my life, because from what I have seen for Australia is a disaster, not only related to debt, but much more serious. And my gut tells me by 2060 there’s going to be a whole lot of people in a world of trouble, as WWWIII will come to pass. It is now being set up for that fateful day. By then though, I will be gone. But I am concerned for the human race that just aren’t ready to handle it based on what I have seen is coming.
    Pity you only do debt, there is so much I could tell you about what is heading our way.

  4. Donna Dennington

    Stop giving other Country’s the tax payers money & start looking after our own Country. Cut the debt buy halfing your own pockets

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